Sunday, January 08, 2006

Pocket Pal

A pedido de várias famílias... nomeadamente da minha família, vou colocar aqui as instruções das Pocket Pal, retiradas do livro de Cindy Crandall-Frazier :" Sock Doll Workshop", que me caiu no sapatinho neste Natal.

1 colored sport sock for the body
1 sock of the same size for the head

Matching thread
Embroidery floss or paint for face

Head and Body

ONE: Stuff the toe of the sock intended for the head. Pocket Pal can have a cheeky, child shaped head or a simple round one. Prepare the head and neck according to the basic instructionns (fig a) and set aside.

TWO: Cutting straight across just below the heel, remove the foot of the colored sock (fig. b). Stuff the toe section. (The toe seam can run across the front of the doll to denote feet). Continue stuffing so that the doll has some firmness but not so much that you will have hard time stitching through the body.

THREE: Run a gathering thread around the top. Seat the head, then pull the gathering up, tucking the seam allowance to the inside. Ladder stitch the head to the body.

FOUR: With matching thread and using a stabbing running stitch, sew the lines to denote arms and legs. Turn the doll to check both back and front stitch placements during the process.

Hat and Face

ONE: Remove the upper part of the colored sock from the heel by cutting straight across (fig b). Run a gathering stitch around the cut, edge of the upper. Draw the gathering up, tuming the seam allowace in. Overcast the outside of the opening to make the top of the hat, then knot%2
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